Low-Sulfur Diesel

Recent pre-commercial tests of Refinery Science Corp.'s (RESI's) highly active catalysts clearly demonstrate the improvements in product quality that can be achieved with RESI's catalysts.

Hydrotreatment of a standard diesel feedstock continuously produced clean diesel fuel that significantly exceeded federally mandated standards for ultra-low sulfur transportation fuel in a single pass.

Hydrogen Addition

Hydrogen addition processes involve the reaction of heavy crude oils with an external source of hydrogen, and result in an overall increase in the hydrogen to carbon ratio. The processes preferred by Refinery Science Corp. employ catalytic hydroconversion (hydrocracking) using active "hydrodesulfurization" catalysts. The economics of these processes are strongly effected by the efficiency of the the selected catalyst.

Using material science as the foundation for the design has led Refinery Science researchers to develop catalysts with 3 times the activity of standard hydrodesulfurization catalysts.

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